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Four Seasons: Sustainable Agriculture in the Hudson Valley.


Emerald Valley is a production company dedicated to creating media that inspires. We address global and local concerns about the environment and society by sharing optimistic stories of triumph and ingenuity. As we face the difficult challenges of climate change, overpopulation and economic crises, our goal is to draw attention to the people, ideas and movements that are gathering momentum toward a bright future of harmony within nature and within ourselves.


Four Seasons: Sustainable Agriculture in the Hudson Valley.

Projected completion: Summer 2011

Beginning in the winter of 2010, we began to document the daily activities of four different farms in the Hudson Valley region of New York State.  These farms are not only committed to providing organic produce to their respective communities, but to treating the earth with a deep sense of stewardship.

The farmers involved in this project are visionaries who strive to create a sustainable food system in which healthy food and responsible agricultural practices become a way of life for modern day societies.  Their creativity and perseverance are illuminated in this sweet story of good, old-fashioned, hard-working Americans earning their keep amidst the challenges posed by the elements and the markets.


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